Who are Camp I Am Special Campers?
With 30 years experience in providing specialized and individualized services, Camp I Am Special has always maintained our focus on modifying and accommodating traditional camp activities to meet the special needs of persons with disabilities.  Camp I Am Special provides a nurturing and interactive atmosphere with friendship-building opportunities for every camper.   

Our camper care is individualized, so we are able to welcome campers with a wide range of needs and challenges.  Last year, we were able to accommodated 62 unique disabilities, including:

What Are The Demographics Of Camp I Am Special Campers?  During our 2012-2013 Fiscal Year, we served 347 campers between the ages of 5 and up.  While most of our campers live in Florida, during the summer of 2013, we accommodated campers from ~
8 Other States, 2 Foreign Countries, 17 Counties within the State of Florida, and 
We Happily Welcome Campers From Across The Globe! 

How Do I Become A Camp I Am Special Camper? In our efforts to be fair to all applicants, we do not process applications on a first-come basis.  Instead, our focus is on ensuring that our camper population is evenly distributed, specifically in regards to cognitive age and intensity of each disability.  Our Camper Application process plays a vital role in achieving that goal.   

  • Apply to be a Camper by submitting an Online Application in January 2014
  • We welcome 34 campers each week for all 7 weeks of our 2014 Summer session
  • Camper Tuition in 2014 is $510 - We do have limited scholarships available 


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